Hello, Dolly!

Struthers' pairing with Tony Triano as Horace Vandergelder........makes for one of the most adorable couples ever."- BWW Sacramento


"Tony Triano stepped into the role of Horace Vandergelder, and it's hard to imagine the actor could be any better. He and Struthers have a nice chemistry.."- AL.com




"Tony Triano's Rossini is a delight, soaking up the others' condescension with aplomb.." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


'Adding to the chaos are musicians Jim Morrison (Daniel Hartley) and Giocchino Rossini (played by the very funny Tony Triano)."- BWW- Pittsburgh



Showboat- Cap'n Andy

The Man Who Came to Dinner

The Peccadillo Theater Company's new production of The Man Who Came to Dinner... not since the giant repertory company that was Golden Age Hollywood, has an actor so perfectly portrayed the confusion, the middle-class hopefulness and red-faced bumbling as Mr. (Tony) Triano. He is the cherry on top of this delightful sundae." - TheatreScene.net


"And by the way, Dr. Bradley, played by Tony Triano, gets his share of the guffaws each time he enters the room..."- The Daily Examiner

La Cage aux Folles

"Tony Triano's Albin looks like Truman Capote, but in a wig and sequined gown he might pass for Betty White. Either way, Triano brings an emotional depth to Albin that might be obscured if the comedy of his homosexual mannerisms were played too broadly. Instead, we feel for Albin.."- Newsday


"Tony Triano is outrageously wonderful as Albin, stealing the show time and again.."- The Long Island Advance


"Tony Triano steals the show as the middle-aged Albin, partly because the nature of his character and partly because of his stage presence."- Jacksonville Daily Record



Pirates of Penzance- Major General